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Lesbians: Erased by the Democratic Party


Sometimes the genderists make it too easy

"Living in an Acquired Gender"

The Global Abolition of Sex

J.K. Rowling's Unyielding Support for Women and Girls

A Collision Course of Its Own Making Awaits the Supreme Court on What Words Mean Under Title IX

Alejandra Caraballo’s Sexism, Violent Rhetoric, and Hypocrisy

Will the NY Times Ever Publish a TERFy Letter?

Chris Beck: The “Trans Woman” Who Isn’t

Safety first?

This is a Record of Women’s Dissent

The People of California v. Dana Rivers Part 3

Some thoughts about Sam Brinton and why sex matters

RIP Irene Cara

Developments in Green v. Miss USA

"Gender affirmation" surgery at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Not our crimes

Why Bostock v. Clayton County was a disaster and what courts can do about it

Closing arguments and verdicts in the case of The People v. Dana Rivers

The media continues to ignore the leftist feminist critique of “gender identity”

BREAKING: Minnesota elects man to state office


Green v. Miss USA - the First Amendment protects beauty pageant from being forced to say that an “openly transgender female” (i.e., a man) is a “natural born female”

Should women have free speech rights?

The importance of nonviolent direct action in movement-building

What happened in the “gender wars” while I was at FiLiA?

The New York Times is getting braver

The People of California v. Dana Rivers UPDATE

The People of California v. Dana Rivers Part 2

The People of California v. Dana Rivers

The moral degeneracy of Jon Stewart

The silence is killing us

Shifts in the media, but we’re not there yet

Girls in Vermont are being investigated for questioning a boy's presence in the girls’ locker room

Eliza Mondegreen goes to WPATH

The University of Southern Maine Must Support Professor Christy Hammer and Material Reality

The Shifting Sands of Left and Right

WDI USA Convention on Reigniting the Women's Liberation Movement - We're going to win.

Reigniting the Women's Liberation Movement Starts TODAY

Exposing transgenderism for what it is: A lie

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"No such thing as boys and girls"

Mermaids v. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and All Sane People Everywhere

WDI USA Report on "Gender Identity" Indoctrination in Schools

The sorry state of the movement to abolish sex

Jameela Jamil and the case of the unforgivable misgendering

“Trans” is just the medicalization of nonconformity with sex stereotypes and the U.S. medical establishment is stating that explicitly

The fascinating and frustrating politics of fighting against the abolition of sex

It’s 2022. Can lesbians be lesbians?

The abject depravity of the media and what should be a national scandal

A woman tells the truth about sex and gender and the audience applauds (at UC Berkeley)

The lies they have to tell to persuade us that “trans” is a legitimate civil rights movement: Part 5 (Conclusion)

Twitter's authoritarianism

The lies they have to tell to persuade us that “trans” is a legitimate civil rights movement: Part 4

Woman-hating in Port Townsend, WA

The lies they have to tell to persuade us that it’s a legitimate civil rights movement: Part 3

Apology and announcement

Speakers' Corner Philadelphia

Speakers' Corner Philadelphia - TODAY

The lies they have to tell to persuade us that it’s a legitimate civil rights movement: Part 2

The lies they have to tell to persuade us that “trans” is a legitimate civil rights movement: Part 1

We all, women especially, deserve to know what Women’s March is about (it’s not about marching for women)

The NHS is shutting down its gender identity clinic for children after a damning review found that it failed vulnerable under-18s

“Trans” is not a “far-Left” ideology Part 3

“Trans” is not a “far-Left” ideology Part 2

“Trans” is not a “far-Left” ideology Part 1

The day the Women's March completely lost the plot

John Cleese and the importance of material reality

Biden 2021 missives redefining sex to include "gender identity" blocked

What is a TERF and Why it Matters in Today’s Political Climate

Gender, gender everywhere: the cult of gender

Maud Maron and the case of the missing Democrat

The mainstream media and the case of the missing terven

Maya won! Here’s what I glean from the decision and what it might mean for U.S. residents

Happy Fourth of July

NYT - "The Far Right and Far Left Agree on One Thing: Women Don't Count"

"Metamorphosis?" How so? No one ever explains.

The federal judiciary doesn't appear to want to touch "gender identity"


Yesterday was a great day to fight for women’s sex-based rights

Something in the air ...

Speaker's Corner - Bristol

Hillary Clinton just (indirectly) said that "trans" can't be a priority for the Dems

Why the June 15 Executive Order Might Be Good News

Why we need to keep fighting for - and expand beyond - women's sports

A week in the life of a U.S. TERF

A Very TERFy Lobby Day

"Meet the Censored: Kara Dansky"

No “true trans” and why it matters NOW

Connecting some dots between gender and child sex trafficking

New Jersey Policy Housing Men in Women’s Prisons: How Did We Get Here?

Allison Bailey vs Stonewall and Garden Court Chambers - A Summary

Vicky (not a typo) Gervais: SUPERNATURE

How We Will Ultimately Beat the Industry

HHS's OPA Circumvents FDA, Issues Public Guidance on Transgender Pharmacology

Unpacking Roe and its Probable Overturning

Sexism on the Left is driving Biden's attacks on Title IX

A Tale of Two Amys

TODAY: Senate Vote on WHPA but not on EA - Why?

Sarah Weddington, Architect of Roe v. Wade

If there is a silver lining, the overturning of Roe might just lead to the undoing of trans

Helping people connect the dots to “trans”

Reigniting the Women's Liberation Movement in the US

It won’t be lawsuits that will save us - it will be TERFs

Why I Go On Tucker Carlson

Breakdown of the Meriwether case on pronouns

The peaking of America

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It’s all getting much worse, and fast

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Complacency and the importance of not settling

Please Accept That It Is Exactly As Bad As It Seems and Move Forward




On Compromising Humanity

Political Homelessness

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