This is the discussion I have been looking for. Thank you, Kara and Jennifer, for putting all the pieces together. Helen Joyce's book Trans touches on all of this, but here is something I can share in a nutshell. Brilliant !!

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A LOT of good facts in that interview. The conspiracy theory tone of it hurts rather than helps.

Who is behind this? Humans, and human nature, doing what they always do. Ambitious people reaching for new ideas, med/psych tools and tech that they can call their own, mentally ill people obsessing on unhealthy things, and the ever-present liberal mindset which absolutely LOATHES having to set boundaries. "No you can't do/have that, it's bad for you/others" is not normally in their vocabulary.

Those in charge in the 70s were able to hold it back for awhile. Hopkins shut down their own trans program, sacrificing what money and prestige it brought them, because they saw it wasn't helping, just enabling mental illness. They set an appropriate boundary.

Their successors in the field did not. They gave in to the privileged white male AGP narcissists and their gaslighting.

Those of us who have had the misfortune to be in relationship with an emotionally abusive narcissist are having unpleasant flashbacks. Now you all know what it feels like. At this point, the entire world is basically in an abusive relationship with a gaslighting narcissist in the persona of the trans movement.

The scariest thing to me about the gaslighting is that it's contagious. We see the liberal women and men who have been gaslit by trans activists turn around and use the same aggressive mindfuckery on others. A movement full of smart, educated people exercising not an ounce of self-awareness.

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Thank you for putting the transcript up. Very helpful. I was particularly struck by this: “But why are we normalizing fetishes? Fetishes are a compulsion and it's objectification. It objectifies. If your fetish is for another person, it's an objectification of them. And we're seeing this because we're dissociated as a society. This has become our mode of expression now. Dissociation and compulsion, addiction, because we're trying to fill up the holes that the society has created. And instead of looking at the society and how damaged and broken it is, that it's not giving us what we need, all these aberrant behaviors are being supported in its stead, which is absolute madness.”

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Absolutely right, Cynthia. I ran across 70s footage someone put up in which Jean O’Leary was essentially making this point. Nothing is new under the sun. We keep fighting the same battles over and over again.

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Thank you for that background and know there are more of us out here speaking up on this madness, this mass coma. #RightBodied, #RBodied, #RightBodied rights are human rights. Kim

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Regarding the psychological basis for much of this transgendered performative behavior, it is worth looking closely at the research of the psychologist Michael Bailey.

This podcast, "The Truth About Autogynephilia", is very informative:


Bailey argues, based on long term studies on male sexual psychology, that trans women (male to female gender transitioners) essentially are an umbrella for two groups: autogynephilic heterosexual men and a subgroup of homosexual men with highly feminine characteristics.

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Yes, all of this is documented and seems clearly to be the trajectory. If you want to creep yourself out to the core watch the video on youtube of Martine Rothblatt’s wife Bina having a conversation with the head of the robot Martine made that looks and talks just like his actual wife. I mean, nothing Stepford wife creepy about that, huh? And it ends with a chilling comment where the human wife askes robot head if it has any questions for the “real Bina” at which point the robot seems to express the emotion of confusion and sadness and says that is a problem because IT is the real Bina.

And Rothblatt was on the cover of The New Yorker in a power suit in 2015 as “Most powerful woman CEO in the world.” Same year a woman who now identifes as a man after being gang raped on assignment covering the earthquake in Haiti is also on cover, in underwear to show off the huge fake dick she’s sporting, naked otherwise. Sounds like the same BS as usual? Well, that is because it is.

Some days I am actually grateful for climate change coming to wipe os off the planet. We are a destructive and pathological invasive pest.

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“Legally, under the Equality Act (2010) transgender people are afforded explicit protection from both direct and indirect forms of discrimination through the characterisation of ‘gender reassignment’ as a protected characteristic. As such, M2F transgender women cannot be subjected to discrimination on the basis of this characteristic. Subsequently, if UTx becomes an established treatment option for women with AUFI, UK and EU legislation would make it legally impermissible to refuse to perform UTx in transgender women solely because of their gender identity.”


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How many women find it difficult to access healthcare services for endometriosis, fertility or even just an obgyn exam? Now, we’re being told transwomen can’t be denied a uterus transplant, if the procedure becomes standard for women?

Who will be giving up their uterus en masse for these transwomen? Why when healthcare resources are already stretched thin, when they are talking of doing away with the NHS and Medicare, is society making it a human right to cosmetic sexual reassignment surgery?

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Apr 9, 2023·edited Apr 9, 2023

Marc Benioff is worth a close look. He has given major donations to UCSF (University of California San Francisco).

UCSF's Stephen Rosenthal began prescribing puberty blockers to gender-dysphoric youth in 2009 based on the Dutch protocol. He was one of the first people in the US to do this. The clinical evidence to support this was flimsy at best.



Benioff's overall reputation has taken a beating recently. People hate the horrific Salesforce Tower he built just before the pandemic.

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Apr 9, 2023·edited Apr 10, 2023

Thanks, Kara!

I've peripherally run across articles about Rothblatt, Levine, and the Open Societies Foundation, but I hadn't read about these other organizations, the takeover of the gay rights movement, or the overall agenda of Rothblatt.

Antonio Regalado at MIT Technology Review has written about some of the biotechnology goings on that Rothblatt has been up to. His articles are measured in their assessment, but reading between the lines, one gets a picture of a fantastically narcissistic person that has grossly overstated the value and practicality of their ventures:



Other organizations and individuals that are worthy of scrutiny for their transhumanist agenda:

Wellcome Trust based in the UK

Wellcome Leap based in the US

Regina Dugan

Stonewall UK


It's worth looking at who is on the board of Stonewall UK. The actor Ian McKellen for one.

Long time Silicon Valley engineers regard all of this with a sense of high skepticism. For instance, most know that we will not have self driving cars, synthetic organs, or implantable brain-computer interfaces any time soon. Mass surveillance, however, is here now and is a real threat. Tape over your laptop camera and your cell phone cameras. Only untape them when you need to specifically use them. Be aware that your phone is probably able to voice record, process and upload information about potential advertising opportunities. Perhaps the FBI and other police agencies are using this information.

Conspiracy theory? Look up "Is my phone listening to me?" on DuckDuckGo. Don't use Google or Bing because they probably filter this information. On DuckDuckGo, there are articles in mainstream news sources such as USA Today that support that our phones really are listening to us.

Again, thanks for the article. It is eye opening.

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