I stand with Ms Murphy. About the medical scandal of children on puberty blockers, of course. But, more, pointedly about rejecting the label TERF. I think it’s time we reclaimed “women”. The widespread acceptance of trans activist labels like “identified at birth “, “cis”, use of pronouns, misgendering, deadnaming, biological woman, and TERF is mystifying. It’s all trans language. I won’t use any of this language because who controls language, controls thought (someone ....Orwell? said that). Just as many people are confused by the term “transwoman”, the term TERF is also going to meaningless to them. So we are speaking to ourselves. I likewise think “radical feminists” can be a quite uncomfortable identity for many women and men. These labels reduce or put off the number of people who would otherwise join us. I realize I may not agree with women who are don’t support reproductive rights or a raft of other things, but this is a crisis and we need to get back to the critical mass of people who reject magical thinking and are grounded in the reality of 2 sexes, who are willing to say out loud “Transwomen are not women”. And thanks for the tweet to Ms Murphy. Spot on.

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Thanks for once again taking notice of what happens on Terf Island.

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My publisher is always taking me to task for being TOO OBSESSED with what happens on TERF Island! lol

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You’re not “obsessed;” you are taking a perfectly legitimate interest (hopefully in political transgenderism’s last gasps), as these fashions spread both ways across the Atlantic quicker than a TRA calling one a “transphobe.”

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I have every album she has put out so far, I am an ardent fan. In fact, one of her lyrics I decided should be engraved on my headstone lol. I don’t know if she is seeing all the support she is getting - I really hope that she is. I also hope this episode peaks her and more women who can’t help but see how unfair and cult-like this all is. Also, I didn’t know Comerford was behind this, what a surprise (not).

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I’m a writer of children’s books. I write funny fairytales for young readers who feel that they don’t fit in. I’m also a professionally trained storyteller. I’m being punished for terfing, as well. I can’t get my new work published anymore and am very saddened when I see my stories being read and repurposed by drag queens to fit the trans agenda. These times are very difficult. The kindness you show to Mrs Murphy is invaluable and very brave. Thank you.

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I’d never heard of Roisin Murphy here in the US, but after reading this I immediately went and bought some of her music. Maybe if enough of us do this in response to the trouble she’s facing, it will help.

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Brilliant, Kara--and your tweet stream to Roisin Murphy was 💯💯💯💯💯

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I've been a fan since she fronted Moloko and "Róisín Machine" is one of my favorite albums of the last few years. If there is any silver lining to this dark cloud it's that people who don't know about her are seeking out her music for the first time.

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I remember when calling someone black, here in the U.S., was insulting. Then some Black Civil Rights activists said, “Say it loud! I’m proud!” They claimed the intended insult and turned it around into a label they owned and effectively silenced the people who meant it as an insult. Now we put a capital B on it and respect Black people. We should follow their example. TERF? Claim it. “Yes, I am. Say it loud. I’m proud!”

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Roxy Music's "Ladytron" rewritten as "Bullython/Fealtycon/Ladiesgone" in the wake of the pillorying of Roisin Murphy:

You lot keep mum or we’ll run you down, run you down

We’ll hound you all out of town

You lot keep mum or we’ll run you down

You’ll be going to ground, going to ground


Ladies cis bxtches bints hags mothers

Speak your minds no further

And get used to being lonely

Cervix-havers smarting off - treason!

And it’s now high season

To slate and shame you shrews


Bite your tongues bow in subjection

Hide all your dissension

Or we’ll move in, roasting you

We’ll accuse you slander abuse you

Cancel exclude you

Till you’ve genuflected

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