The Chronicle had a typically biased article saying WDI “advertised“ itself as feminist but was in reality transphobic. Interviewed a trans couple (with some new nonsensical self-definition including both cis snd trans) saying they felt unsafe with WDI’s presence and were going to leave town for the weekend. More interesting were the comments, which we’re nearly all supportive. The tide is turning.

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So, ABC7 in SF published an article and video about Saturday's events:


It's the usual slanted garbage, but it did report that WDI issued a statement saying they don't endorse or support the counter-protestors, who showed up to support them against the TRAs protesting outside the venue (and were promptly harassed and assaulted by TRAs to the point that police had to intervene).

It appears then that WDI threw its own supporters under the bus. Why did you all do that? Did you naively allow yourselves to get baited by a lefty reporter? Were you afraid you would lose control of the narrative?

Did it occur to you that the only reason the TV station was there covering your event was because of the protestors and counter-protestors?

You're going to have a protest at City Hall on Monday, according to the article. Is that true? Why would you expect anyone to show up to support you, if you disown your own supporters?

You say you support your sisters in Dublin. Why then would you not support the women who showed up for you in SF? They were doing the same thing, standing up for women's rights against a bunch of TRAs.

Do you not want anyone to show up?

What's the point of holding a protest that you don't even tell your supporters about ahead of time? Do you not trust them?

How are you raising consciousness and being effective if your event has little or no attendance?

I gotta admit, your tactics sure seem mystifying.

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